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YEWENDOCH GUDAY: FILM MOVIES 2017 | FULL ETHIOPIAN MOVIE 2017 | Ethiopian Romantic Comedy 2017

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ሰላም ናቹ! ወደ የአማርኛ ዩቱብ ቻነል እንኳን በደኅና መጣቹ፡፡ አሁን የአማርኛ ፊልሞቻቺን እንድትመለከቱ እና ሼር እንድታደርጉ፣ በተጨማሪም ውድ የሆነው አስተያየታችሁን እንድትጽፉልን እንጋብዛችኋለን፡፡ ከአሁን ጀምሮ ምርጥ የሆኑ ፊልሞች በየቀኑ ልናቀርብላችሁ ቃል እንገባለን፡፡ እናመሰግናለን!!!

Hello everyone, welcome to our channel Amharic Latest Movies, we invite you to watch and share these movies especially keep the superb attitude stay taped on our channel, we are ready to give you the best movies every day.thank you

Selam nachu! wede Amharic Latest Movies channel enquan be dehna metachu. Ahun ye amharnga filmochachin enditmeleketu ena share endtadergute betchemarim wid yehone asteyayetochachehun endtitsfulin engabzachehualen. Keahun jemiro beyeqenu mirt filmochen endemnaqerb qal engebalen. Enamesegnalen!!!

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